Strategic Plan

Tippecanoe County SWCD Strategic PlanBack in 2009, the District developed a 2010-2014 Strategic Plan to further advance our conservation efforts with comprehensive programs and innovative approaches to put “conservation on the ground”. This Plan encourages a thoughtful course of action that gives equal weight to the immediate and the long-term, as well as to the local and far-reaching impacts of our actions on the natural environment.

Throughout the plan, you will note that there are goals, strategies, and a public education and outreach component for each of these natural resources. Education has been a part of the District’s general objective for nearly seven decades, and we continue to believe that education is one of the most effective ways to guarantee the wise use of our natural resources for the future. Building public awareness will move us forward into the next decade while ensuring stable soils, clean streams, sustainable communities, and an overall pleasing quality of life for the people of Tippecanoe County.

For information on how we’re doing, please take a look at our annual report as it provides an update on the accomplishments of our strategic plan.  This report also provides us with an opportunity to share the previous year’s activities, conservation accomplishments and financial status as required by the Soil and Water Conservation District law (IC 14-32-4-6).

Please take a look at our accomplishments and let us know how we’re doing!
Download Annual Report (pdf file)

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