Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To foster natural resource conservation and environmental stewardship in Tippecanoe County through leadership, service, and citizen involvement, our mission is to:

  • Assess natural resource conditions and identify resource concerns
  • Provide technical assistance recommending best management practices and installation of conservation practices
  • Provide education through the delivery of conservation programs and services to individuals, groups, organizations, and local governments.
  • Provide informational resources for the community to increase the public’s knowledge of and involvement in natural resource issues and solutions

Our Vision

The vision toward which the District strives is to have stable soils, clean streams and water resources, and sustainable communities.

Vision of the District in the Next Five Years

The District will be recognized and respected as Tippecanoe County’s foremost conservation organization providing leadership and assistance through promotion of natural resource stewardship and responsible planning.

The District shall be equipped to address local resource concerns with adequate funding; a highly skilled staff; and established, effective relationships with individuals, groups, organizations, and government officials.

The District shall be recognized as vital to create sustainable communities and a sound environment.

County residents shall support the leadership of the District Board and acknowledge the District’s contribution to maintaining a high quality of life in Tippecanoe County.

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